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We have all great childhood memories around all the great gadgets, from the smallest to the big. We all remember the Walkman, the TV games, the microwave, the Gameboy, the VHF video player, the PC and the sound the internet made with the Dial-up modems. There was the battery powered screwdriver and many other tools, even like the kitchen appliances that made a great difference.

The cell phone, the iPod with cool earphones, brought the personal life to a new level, and every electronic progresses after that. Today it is all about how you want to enhance your life.

In the old days without the internet it was not easy to discover new stuff. I had to phone and drive around a lot to find what I was looking for. I remember when you find new stuff that everyone ells also wanted it and most of the times there was only a small amount of stock left, if you can get there before its sold out.

It was so great to own one of the first new gadget in the country. I always dreamed to open a gadget shop, that’s way I started

So, now everyone can have the gadget they want.

Why Us

Our range of products are carefully selected, practical, and at the same time great value.

The is for anyone with a passion for electronics and hands-on gadgets. We continuously find new products that we add.

Go and look through our Automotive and Motorcycles section to find great accessories for your vehicle.

Under Computer & Office you will find convenient accessories for your office.

View also our Electronics section for useful gadgets.

We offer a very high quality range of LED lights, components and also your Solar and Inverters accessories.

If you love hiking and camping, you have to view our selection of excellent gear.

There is also a great Health and Hygiene accessories selection. 

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